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We are non-profit, nonpartisan, state-wide, community-service organizations headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. PHA empowers homeowners across PA through education, advocacy and engagement.  We want to HELP YOU voice your concerns and issues to your neighbors, businesses and elected officials.  It's time we all get involved.  

Pennsylvania's home ownership rate (from 2009-2013) is up to 69.8% (higher than the US rate of 64.9%) which means that almost three fourth of the 4,000,000 Pennsylvania homes are owner-occupied.   As homeowners, we have a lot at stake and collectively, we certainly have a lot to say!  (State and County Quick Facts, provided by the United States Census Bureau)  Together, we CAN make a difference.

Join us! It's EASY and it's FREE!  Think of what we can accomplish... It's about securing (and in some cases -- improving) our homes, properties, environment and overall wellness.   It's also about encouraging citizens to support crucial legislation and responsiveness from our local, state and federal government; let's find "common ground" and WORK TOGETHER for a better tomorrow.  

Who doesn't like the sound of that?!  

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PHA is a NONPARTISAN community organization.
 Your political party affiliation doesn't matter to us

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Volunteering is a great way to "get involved" and share your time and talents to help MAKE A DIFFERENCE today.  YOU SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE, ON YOUR OWN TERMS.   We're flexible!

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