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Join Us.  It's easy, it's free, and it is important ! 

There are 4 million homeowners in Pennsylvania


Think of what we can accomplish  together...

  • Keep our drinking water safe  (Progress is being made by local water quality groups.)
  • End property taxes for homeowners over 65
  • Protect our homes with a real homestead exemption
  • Fund education with a gas severance tax and roll back school taxes (PENDING)
  • Protect our homes, schools, & hospitals with local zoning  (VICTORY !!!)
  • The PA Supreme Court ruled in favor of homeowners. Gas industry raid on zoning unconstitutional.
  • Gas for home heating at cost
  • Good government free of corruption and special interest money

 Think harder.  There are many more... 


We need YOU to make good things happen.  Please click on the Join Us page.      

For more detail, click on the Our Mission page and the Goals and Objectives page.  Read about our Concerns.  We want to hear about your concerns. 

Thank you


PHA Officers and Friends

Edward Smith, Chairman


P.S.    We say,  "Sorry, Pennsylvania is not for sale."


The Pennsylvania Homeowners Association - works for you


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